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The Sun has reached its northernmost point in planet Earth's sky marking a season change and the first solstice of the year 2004. We celebrate the arrival of summer with this false-color composite of three images from the space-based Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), a mission of international cooperation between NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA).

All three images are made in extreme ultraviolet light, but each individual image highlights a different temperature range in the upper solar atmosphere: Red at 2 million, green at 1.5 million, and blue at 1 million degrees Celsius (3.6 million, 2.7 million, and 1.8 million degrees Fahrenheit). The combined image shows bright active regions strewn across the solar disk, which would otherwise appear as dark groups of sunspots in visible light images.

SOHO's spectacular images are also featured in the cover article from this month's National Geographic magazine. Image From Astronomy Picture of the Day, Credit: NASA/ESA

This image is used for Alightfromwithin.org, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star your Father Red Hand and White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Deer, starting walking and talking (wakan tanka, the great spirit) 2004 , just about the time this image was created. How about that, 7 years ago and we find it today, April 29, 2011 (our Rainbow anniversary). Today, we have been married 12 years, the rainbow clan does shine, to bring our hearts home! Acting with a Mission to bring the six colors (blue, brown, red, yellow, golden, white) of the peoples and all the world, united as Family. As Missionaries living on the streets of the Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area), our hearts, along with many returning Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy around the world provide Angel Services. Family and relatives, we are going home!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Facebook Profiles Loss - Elders Attacked "Rainbow Gathering People vs Lakota Nation" CONFLICT 2015


A Light From Within.org
211 Hope Street #390904
Mountain View, Ca. 94039

June 29, 2015

Dear Facebook Representatives,

We need your help. Thank you for being there locally my beloved family (in the neighborhood). Our 6 facebook profiles in which Elders of our Church Alightfromwithin.Org have been attacked due to subversion movement of a group of outlaws calling themselves "Rainbow Gathering People". They have even created propaganda using us, "Alightfromwithin.Org, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy and Elders" against the Lakota People, which is NOT TRUTH. We are realizing that we are global targets for hatred and death threats as Spiritual Elders, from many directions.

"Rainbow Gathering People" create chaos and defy the spiritual and constitutional rights of the Lakota Nation. They have purposefully created a separation and division among my People of the Lakota Oyate and the spiritual and physical desecration of the Black Hills sacred grounds. The Lakota people need help, rather that making them hate each other. This is attack to Elders is a direct cause from this conflict. They have planned their gathering July 1-7, 2015 even when many of the Lakota People and Elders have asked them not to. They use food, as a tool to control the starving Lakota Nation, to push and bully their way onto Lakota Territory, while bringing in drugs and violence. There is a subversive agenda. We appreciate all of your help.

The Rainbow Gatherings cost taxpayers approximately $500,000.00 +/- per event. This is a National Emergency, because they gather all over the nation our beloved USA and the world. They are unruly and defy the laws at every turn for their violent and criminal behaviors. And what is worse, they are proud of this anarchist ideal. This is an affront to the bringing home of REAL RAINBOW WARRIORS OF PROPHECY (for the collective ONENESS of MANKIND, everyone knows as Brotherhood), the Ark of the Covenant, Jews and Sioux  and our Rainbow Trail story about PEACE (not HATE) and harmony as true blue relatives of a new dawning. The second SUN (already arrived) in the sky forces us all to change as Holy People (prayers cleanses us) or Violent people (waves of light tear them apart) as the Rainbow Gathering lawbreakers have proven in their misunderstanding of the story of the Rainbow.

We will be contacting the Military in efforts to assist the situation with "Rainbow Gathering" chaos. We cannot stand idle. We are building the Sioux Task Force run by Jews this year and running trials in our local community. For us the Law is LOVE. We bow and pray and cleanse the air waves.
Alightfromwithin.Org is a local Mt. View, Palo Alto, and surrounding areas street ministry service. We help local people in all walks of life from the homeless to the big business in our neighborhoods. We use the Law of Love in all we do to help make dreams come true for all and ONE. We integrate and unite, rather than oppose efforts to teach young people to deal with their own inner rage and turn the spiritual page. We will give sight (let all know, vividly).

Alightfromwithin.Org is also a Global Online Ministry since 2004 and have groups and circles on Google Groups/Forums, Google+ circles, Facebook Groups and Pages. We started at facebook 2008 I believe with pages (too many to list here). We have never had an incident with the exception of one image, which legally we were lawful to use as an Education tool. We did not have time to deal with that issue. Too many come to us, flooding in. We can hardly keep up. Our services on Facebook profiles is needed for our congregation.  It is all for them including Elder's pages. Our global online community is an extension of Alightfromwithin.org local street ministry "peninsula" (Mt. View, Stanford, Palo Alto, Los Altos and Hills, as well as sporadically around the San Francisco Bay Areas). Children around Mother Earth are changing and need our help.

We sell nothing; we advertise nothing for sale. We share everything. We are a CHURCH, alightfromwithin.org. Right now, we simply need our data back, people all over the world come to us, we have files and documents all set up for them in groups, contained by the six profiles, pertaining to the Ark of the Covenant. We are Elders to the World. We help everyone and demand they act with the Law of Love. In all they behave and even on their own profiles. We police our pages and administrate our groups daily. Presently our members are concerned because they cannot find pages they need to post to ask questions, nor can FACEBOOK members talk to us in our messages boxes for counseling. We gift all away, this is our duty as a Church. And teach about the Great Give-A-Way, to give things to each other. We have not been fully available since the Attack to Elders Profiles. Our members are concerned and Lakota and Dakota Elders are crying.
My husband "Holiness David" Running Eagle Shooting Star will be coming in to share this letter with you. To help resolve this matter. He is a retired silicon valley and global engineer trainer. He loves his computers, just like many of you over there at Facebook. Please before he leaves, give him a phone number, better yet an email address to deal with further issues with the "Lakota and Rainbow Gathering People" and any conflicts that may arise with our involvement. This is all being forced onto the Black Hills July 1 -7th and issues may arise during these troubled times with the descension among the Lakota people in which we represent. Everyone is banging on our doors, not in a good way, because they need help. Our position can be read at http://www.whitebuffalocalfwoman.org

Appreciate your assistance in the matters at hand at facebook profiles hate crimes against Alightfromwithin.org, a Religious 501c. This is a page at http://thankyounotesforwhitebuffalocalfwoman.blogspot.com shares some thank you notes for our services both locally and globally. Hopefully this will help serve your requirements in identification of us. We help others to reveal their own greatness and to become  authentic to themselves and the world around them . We are always available to help. This year we shift to teaching at schools and community centers and help with conflicts that arise in our neighborhoods, assist police, government and children. An ongoing growing efforts to extend in good deeds. The Law of Love and peaceful relations is our end goals.

Your devoted servant, 
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder 
and sending love to you Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star your Father Red Hand, elder 
Alightfromwithin.Org Angel Services Around the World
Sioux Task Force and Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Jews for the Ark of the Covenant the Rainbow Promise, the Oneness Plan including Man.

1. http://www.facebook.com/whitebuffalocalfwoman (WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother) - whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com
5. http://www.facebook.com/holinessdavid (runingeagleshootingstar@gmail.com
6. http://www.facebook.com/holinessdavidrunningeagle (Holiness David Running Eagle)


Pages so many I have not listed all, liked by each other

ps. Relative, Cannot even get into my own groups or to administrate our pages because our back ups profiles are down too. Facebook you have lots of hate over there. We are helping you keep things peaceful and civil. My husband will bless you with his love visiting you. And if you like we both can come in and gift blessings sometime for Facebook employees. Just ask. Thank you for all of your help during the conflict between the "Rainbow Gathering People and the Lakota Nation".  Elders, White Buffalo Calf Woman and Holiness David Running Eagle

 ALightFromWithin.org * 211 Hope Street #390904 Mountain View, Ca. 94039 * 650-669-0412
Alight FromWithin (2 of 4) The Rainbow Family (Rainbow Gathering Law Breakers) are so skilled at patrolling themselves, that the taxpayers need to provide a mobile federal court set up outside their illegal gathering just to make sure their freedom doesn’t endanger public health & safety as well as cultural resources. Funny how this isn’t necessary when other church groups use public lands within the boundaries of the law.

According to this Rainbow Family spokesman, all the marijuana the group is bringing into our communities should be allowed because it’s a “sacrament” and this drug orgy is a “religious gathering.” So all you have to do to use illegal drugs in this country without fear of arrest is to manufacture a collection of bizarre Beliefs, amusing Deceptions, and dangerous pseudo-scientific alternative medicine into a “religion” that requires you to be stoned and naked all the time? Right


Unfortunately law enforcement isn’t buying it and they’ve already arrested a half dozen devout Rainbow pilgrims for felony drug possession.

While the Rainbow Family was congratulating itself on manipulations, the American Indian strategy in opposition of these ethnic frauds was brilliant. The Lakota Indian resistance conducted a campaign that cause the paranoid pot heads to believe they were going to them harm. With a lot of bluster, they managed to punk the Rainbow leadership into calling in law enforcement out of fear for their safety to protect them from the “wild angry Indians.” The Rainbows punked themselves and only ended up with a huge law enforcement presence who now focusing on enlightening the Rainbow Family about South Dakota’s tough drug laws and the penalties for bringing in their “sacraments” onto public lands. We all need to encourage law enforcement to keep protecting the Rainbow Family in this manner.
The Lakota Indians have the right idea where this public nuisance is concerned. They also went to court today to try to get a temporary injunction against the Weed church that could possibly give them law enforcement in removing the blight from out public lands. I don’t know why the people living in towns around Rainbow Gatherings didn’t think of doing the same thing. If citizens can obtain temporary injunctions, a court can compel the Rainbow Family to leave until the matter is decided in a court of law. Later, permanent injunctions can be obtained that would insure the termination of all Rainbow Gatherings in the area forever. It can’t happen soon enough for me.

Lakota Warriors file Emergency Injunction to force removal of Rainbow Gathering
a. http://www.blackhillsfox.com/home/headlines/Lakota-Warriors-file-Emergency-Injunction-to-force-removal-of-Rainbow-Gathering-311509611.html
b. https://cantetenza.wordpress.com/2015/07/01/lakota-file-federal-injunction-to-remove-rainbow-gathering/

Rainbows didn’t count on Lakota camp resistance

Black Hills preparing for invasion of dirty hippies.

Five people here for Rainbow event arrested on felony drug charges
Alight FromWithin (3a of 5) Submitted for your evaluation, “Drunk Hippie fight at A-camp” https://youtu.be/306rcYdI1Dw The video documents how a Rainbow Family member at the Alcoholic Camp tries to control the parking situation.

A gathering of anarchists, pseudo-spirit
ual Indians who accept and love everyone unconditionally acts as a magnet to individuals that most South Dakotans would rather not have in our backyards. At a typical Rainbow Gathering there are hundreds of teen age runaways, homeless vagrants, aggressive pan handlers, petty thieves, unregistered sex offenders and potentially violent mental patients who have forgone their psychiatric medications based on the Rainbow Family theory that marijuana is a better mood regulator. In addition, the gathering attracts a population of older counter-cultural men who are seeking out the sexual exploitation of confused young female runaways.

The children at the Rainbow Gathering are dirty and neglected and forced to live in filthy and dangerous conditions while their drug-addled parents ignore their needs in favor of excessive drug use and fantasies about space aliens who chose them to be the new evolved spiritual race that will save the earth. The Rainbows leave behind hundreds of dogs each year. Mentally ill individuals, vagrants and sex offenders remain in small rural communities that are not prepared to deal with them. The Rainbow Family refuses to take any responsibility for the cost to small local communities of policing the huge crowds, the thousands of dollars in unpaid medical bills at local hospitals, the shoplifting and vandalism and loss of tourism that their presence causes. The Rainbow Family was placed on the United States terrorist watch list for a reason

The U.S. government put the Rainbow Family on the terrorist watch list. If this group was dangerous enough to be put on the list, then why isn’t law enforcement interested in strictly enforcing the existing laws? We need objective journalists to ask hard questions such as: Why would the Obama administration place this group on the terrorist watch list and then he look the other way when they bring drugs into a National Forest for a nude six day orgy?

The Rainbow family believes that marijuana is an adequate treatment for psychosis. This irresponsible belief puts the general public in danger. There is one glaring example of how dangerous the Rainbow Family ideology involving psychiatric treatment is.

Just this month, a Rainbow Family member, Thomas Jay Wasserberg AKA Tommi Jayne Wasserberg AKA Tommy Tooter made threats against US citizens—Native American men and women. Encouraged by the group to go off his medication and to use marijuana as a substitute for prescribed antipsychotics. He has been arrested numerous times in Pima County, Arizona, most recently in March of this year, and has active warrants out for failure to appear. He is attracted to the Rainbows because they encourage mentally ill people not to take psychiatric medicine. This individual is a publicly declared member of a group that’s on the terrorist watch list, he’s making public death threats, but the federal government does nothing? This gathering will expose the people of South Dakota to hundreds of people just like him.

All the while this splinter group of the Rainbow Gathering Family already has:
  • Violated and dismissed traditional Lakota protocols.
  • Disregarded, attacked, mocked, and threatened Lakota elders and grassroots leaders.
  • Preventing grassroots Lakota leaders from speaking by continually interrupted and mocking.
  • Camped and put infrastructure on top of Lakota cultural sites and possible burial sites,
  • Brought pot, meth, LSD, and other synthetic drugs into our Sacred Hills.
  • Recruited youth from our reservations to share their drugs and give access to the reservations.
  • Intentionally inflamed divisions within Pine Ridge in order to create divide and conquer.
  • Brought in fake medicine men to give them blessings, while dismissing fluent Lakota language speakers and cultural knowledge keepers on our own lands!

A Few Complaints




Youtube video not included, he is bringing guns and he is going to kill Lakota people.

Alight FromWithin Rainbow Family Of Living Light Member Threatens To Kill Native Americans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=715Uf_gExz0 

Alight FromWithin (4c of 5) Rainbow Gathering 2009 New Mexico – Hippies defy Law Enforcement when they try to make a drug bust of an old hippie hiding in “Kid Village” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jC2T5YMKynM

Alight FromWithin (4b of 5) While the citizens of South Dakota bear the risk of:

* Forest fires

* Murder, extortion, assault and battery
* Inadequate sanitation
* Diseases
* Abandoned Dogs
* Abandoned Vehicles
* Neglected children, runaways
* Child molesters, rapists
* Vagrants, homeless, shop-lifters and vandals

The Rainbow Family is allowed to have a big, free drug orgy in a National Forest.

Why do they American people have to tolerate this? So that a selfish group of narcissists can have a free pot party funded with out taxes? The Rainbow family continues to claim it is leaderless, but this is merely a guise to escape accountability. The group has web sites and an organized system of announcing the gathering. The same individuals have spoken out in favor of the group and signed permits in the last few decades. Attorneys have come forward publicly on the group’s behalf. There are leaders. They can be identified and they must be held accountable for the actions of anyone who attends the gathering. The people of South Dakota deserve accountability.

The Rainbow Family has become so powerful that is has been allowed to harass and intimidate law enforcement

In 2008, The Forest Service reported that that Rainbow Family participants threw rocks and sticks at officers when they were taking a man into custody for an alleged drug offense. The man tried to escape arrest by hiding in “Kid Village.” The Rainbows tried to spin the story to make it look like the Forest Service attacked children, but took no responsibility for drug offenders who would use a children’s camp to avoid apprehension.

The role of the U.S. Forest service is to protect the people’s forest how any rational person could see them as the bad guy is in fathomable.

For your examination are two YouTube videos that document the reprehensible, aggressive behavior of the Rainbow Family towards law enforcement officers who are just trying to do their duty.

Rainbows defy law enforcement in Colorado in 2006. Is this peaceful?



Facebook Relatives, 

This is evidence to those who decided who I was, without looking further, just because they did not like my name.   This is a hate crime towards elders, spurn by the Rainbow Gathering at the Black Hills.

There is a confusion about Rainbow Gatherers (law breakers, damage the world) with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy (law is love, heal the world), a Native American prophecy.

Sioux Elders have a long history of being abused by younger people within the Native American community, also stirred by the conflicts at Black Hills and Pine Ridge South Dakota. Elder abuse is quite common even in Palo Alto. We are getting organized to help everyone in our local communities (around Mt. View, Palo Alto and Los Altos) and will call for Churches, Veterans and Security teams as community volunteers. We need the help of members (volunteers, warriors, prayers) who are willing to assist our cities in healing.

All over the world my name, WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN is being used,  including at FACEBOOK without my consent. Everyone is making money off of my name in every area of life. Even men are using my name to promote their cause. No funds ever receive us.

We are like many Sioux Elders, who receive little, yet give everything for the world. Hate is prevalent with Native Americans due to the centuries of abuse. Young people rarely understand all the facts and act in a rash manner, rather than seek out answers. This facebook profile reporting is "gang banging" and  ELDER ABUSE.

There is so much hate and violence regarding the "Rainbow Gathering" (big time law breakers), that we are going to get involved with the Military to help resolve these matters, as the Sioux Task Force. We will be helping locally as well with City Police. This tendency is a growing concern for our Businesses (man camps, big time law breakers) and our children who are being monitored by Education (teachers are screaming in fear) rather than teaching our young (violent tendencies). We will be promoting learning about how to relieve self, through prayers and dance, song and drum. How to have good dreams at local schools and universities to help everyone understand the story of the Rainbow and the LAW of LOVE, to heal the world rather than harm the world.

Using the word "Rainbow" for the "Rainbow Gathering" is quite disrespectful to us. And because it is the very fabric of our teaching, the promise of the rainbow is for everyone, that we will be assisting law enforcement agencies around the world to bring the "Rainbow Gathering" and other "Demonstration" violence to a halt.

White Buffalo Calf Woman, elder of Alightfromwithin.Org


There is lots of Fraud at facebook, even my name, White Buffalo Calf Woman is being used by others at facebook (I do not report them because sooner or later, they start to disappear. I attempt to confront people and show them their own perfection). For the last 10 years, I have flooded the internet and social networks to make sure others do not fraudulently use my name. Yet at every turn they still do and always selling something. This is a great concern for people around the world. I myself will be putting out a video like the one of Lakota Sister Sacheen Littlefeather below, to quell the hearts of the people to notify them and ask them to stop in their forgery of my name, White Buffalo calf Woman (including acronyms) in all matters. For us, everything is a GIVE_A_WAY, the Lakota way and the way of a spiritual agenda of an honorable CHURCH inside of a community.

White Buffalo Calf Woman, Lakota Elder
Alightfromwithin.org Angel Services Around the World
Sioux Task Force and Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Jews for the Ark of the Covenant the Rainbow Promise of the Oneness Plan including Man


Sacheen Littlefeather-Declaration to SD Attorney General's Office~

Eagle Creek Entertainment

A light from within, is the sacred dance of the eternal wind. It brings judgment, to the valleys, where the shadows learn to sing. Human blessings, will ensure that we take care of everything under the sun. And those who follow the heavenly kingdom, we shall walk into fertile grounds. Over rolling hills we do flow, where the sunshine will be within our hearts, and even if we are blind,we will follow with faith and wisdom, the soul that knows and I will oblige, to be the heart that survives. Inside of my heart lives a fellow, that is greatness, beyond compare. And we are going to be the person, that light that beckons forth. And in this world, where heaven follies, we are going to be know as law. heaven's greatness, knows the shadows, where all is blessed instead of cursed. And if we look into vision, where our eyes follow our hearts. We look at ourselves, full of wisdom in the reflection of the waters blue. And there we shall find a true heart of laughter as we realize how childish we are. And it's a child that's full of wonder. I forgive and learn, to bow down. I say, I am greatness, I am walking over bright lights and I shine like a sun. Even in the sacred valleys, where darkness finds my eyes. I will blind, like a beam, that cast out ignorance each day. I will share my light with the shadows and welcome them home to run along with me. We shall know that heaven is welcome. And we shall bind all to come as one. We are a light from within us, the place heaven begins within. The soul in the wind. And I shall shine from inside, to beam lights out towards the world. I will be the torrent breezes, that say, I am the sun dance today. White Buffalo Calf Woman sings


Tommy Tooter said...

// Youtube video not included, he is bringing guns and he is going to kill Lakota people. //

i am tommie tooter the whistle blower. be it known that i was not threatening lakota people . on the contrary, i was reacting to death threats from the UUWS people who later disgraced themselves, presuming to speak for the treaty council, and from drainbows and was challenging the leaders of the UUWS and the drainbows to a shootout where they would have to kill me before they could fight with each other as they were threatening to do.

i have not been near a gathering since i was driven away from them by drainbow violence. i do not use guns, nor was i planning on going to the gathering. in fact, it may be that i was finally able to inform chief leonard crow dog that he was being bad mouthed by the UUWS a couple of days before the spring council that turned the tide, bringing the AIM pipe carrier, grandmothers and warriors to join the gathering instead of standing in the road block the textbook city indians of the UUWS, who folded their camp in disgrace before the fourth of july.

there is an element of the rainbow family that has always worked with traditional elders all over the land. while it is true that the family's policies of tolerance and generosity attract a very bad element to our gatherings, once you're past the parking lot, it's a beautiful thing that first nations people have always condoned and participated in .

White Buffalo Calf Woman said...

Relative Tommy Tooter, you can join us on the google+ circle called the "Rainbow Family Gathering on the Rainbow Trail" at https://plus.google.com/communities/103475866807687105357

It is a good place to share knowledge about the "drainbow gathering", as you call them.
This would be a good place to share about several issues and to bring others to discuss the "Rainbow Gathering problems", they present to the world over. Talk to you there.
Your devoted Sister, WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother

Alightfromwithin.org Angel Services Around the World
Sioux Task Force and Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Jews for the Ark of the Covenant, Holy People of the Rainbow

White Buffalo Calf Woman said...


I just don’t get it! These “Lakota Rainbow Warriors” Who Invited the Rainbow people to the Black Hills and Support the people trying make a deal with the Black Hills Treaty...Against the wishes of our Spiritual leaders, against the Nacha’s (Tribal Headsman) against the Treaty Council and against the Elders…want to blame me for it! And are now threatening me physically and posting that they will remove me from advocating for the people!

Everything I have been doing has been for the people! Not one thing has been for myself! UUWS has lots of support and have a great track record of advocating for the people. We don’t sell T-shirts; we don’t sell Leonard Peltier items for profit for our self! Everything we have done has been out of our own pocket…No nonprofit! Just hard work and sacrifice.

These Lakota Rainbow Warriors supported the Rainbow people’s desecration of a sacred site; they support Alcohol and growing weed on the Reservations. They’re supported by the BIA/IRA form of leadership! Yet they call me a Fed…They have no Wolakota! They are assimilated they support getting moneys from the Black Hills and the selling of our lands (buy back). They must have been played off! We heard that some of our friends have been offered money to turn on us! I wonder how many turned
So these Lakota Rainbows are mad at me for causing division! Why? Because, I don’t support them? Yet they are using our youth as a pawn to get what they want? They main one doing all the threatening works for a Children’s support program? And Law firm? And they condone this thug mentality?...WOW! someone is defiantly getting paid off…


White Buffalo Calf Woman said...

The Unity Concert, Black Hills Initiative & Rainbow Connection.

Our very own “Lakota Rainbows” were played like a fiddle and continue to be deceived! You would think someone as smart as Chase Lying Eyes, Cody Hall, James Hawk and others would have seen through this.

The post bellow was found on a Rainbow page posted by a Rainbow. I could have not said this any better! Keep in mind the “REAL” Rainbows chose not to attend the gathering in the Black Hills! This is why it went from 7-20 thousand to barely 2,000 people including our very own misguided “Lakota Rainbows” who fell Hook Line and sinker to their tactics...Using the carrot on a pole (Marijuana and Hemp) under the disguise of the environment, Love and Brotherhood…LOL..

In these cases (Except the Unity concert, just a front to promote the Initiative) our spiritual leaders, treaty Leaders and elders have spoken against this! As Lakota’s these are the people we listen too! What the hell is their problem? They of all people should know this! And based on our 150-200 years of experience in dealing with the Wasicu they should know better.

“”So what's up with this "World Rainbow Family?" Follow the money, folks. Who can afford to attend a World Rainbow Gathering in Morocco? Not your typical gas juggling kids in a broken down school bus, or your average American hippy family on vacation. No, the attendees at these world gatherings tend to be rich jet setting trust fund trendies from Europe and the States infatuated with Native American lore aka the Sedona/New Age varieties.Then snake oil salesmen like Real Paul Denton and Rainbow Hawk sell them on the White Buffalo prophecy because these rich Europeans have no cultural/religious heritage of their own (unless you count the rock festivals they hold at Stonehenge).

It works because in Morocco or Hungary there isn't any authentic Native Americans to call them on their shit. By tying the White Buffalo prophecy to the Rainbow Family they become the "Profits".... errrr .... Prophets .... in a way they could never get away with in the States. After conning these folks for years they desperately needed the Annual to be held in South Dakota with the Lakota in order to give then "street creds" (even tho the Lakota are not into the White Buffalo prophecy as much as these con artists would like for them to believe) with these shameless Native wannabees from Europe.

At the next World Rainbow Gathering you can bet there will be fanciful stories of shared visions with Lakota "holy men" validating their position as "Rainbow Shaman." It all seems kind of silly but most of these Europeans have never been to an Annual and these clowns pass themselves off as representivies of all things "Rainbow" Of course, in these murky circumstances there is money to be had, but mostly it's an ego stroke. The folks running the World Rainbow Family (like Denton) would be duct taped and run out of the gathering if they ever showed up here.””
(Bodhi Sattva August 24, 2015)


White Buffalo Calf Woman said...

United Urban Warrior Society Confronts The Rainbow people

Rain Bow People versus The Lakota People

Rainbow Family gathering gets friction