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An Ode to Joy

The Sun at Solstice

The Sun has reached its northernmost point in planet Earth's sky marking a season change and the first solstice of the year 2004. We celebrate the arrival of summer with this false-color composite of three images from the space-based Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), a mission of international cooperation between NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA).

All three images are made in extreme ultraviolet light, but each individual image highlights a different temperature range in the upper solar atmosphere: Red at 2 million, green at 1.5 million, and blue at 1 million degrees Celsius (3.6 million, 2.7 million, and 1.8 million degrees Fahrenheit). The combined image shows bright active regions strewn across the solar disk, which would otherwise appear as dark groups of sunspots in visible light images.

SOHO's spectacular images are also featured in the cover article from this month's National Geographic magazine. Image From Astronomy Picture of the Day, Credit: NASA/ESA

This image is used for Alightfromwithin.org, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star your Father Red Hand and White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Deer, starting walking and talking (wakan tanka, the great spirit) 2004 , just about the time this image was created. How about that, 7 years ago and we find it today, April 29, 2011 (our Rainbow anniversary). Today, we have been married 12 years, the rainbow clan does shine, to bring our hearts home! Acting with a Mission to bring the six colors (blue, brown, red, yellow, golden, white) of the peoples and all the world, united as Family. As Missionaries living on the streets of the Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area), our hearts, along with many returning Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy around the world provide Angel Services. Family and relatives, we are going home!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What is a Bow?

Bow of a ship, bow with arrows (cupid's bow), bow forwards, rain bows, arc bows, bow knot, musical (rod) bow (stroke, down-bow, up-bow), oxbow, respectful greeting bow (take a bow, change posture, curtsy, prostrate), saddle bow, bowstring, crossbow, bow frame, bow window, bowman, bow of ky (cattle), a bouquet, handbow, limb of bow, longbow, bowed weapon, reverent bow (bend at knee), submitting bow (dog soldiers teach), bowed direction/motion, kowtow (touch head to ground), scraping bow (body close to ground), deep bow (salaam or moving bow), applauding bow, gift bow, congee (ceremonial bow), gestural bow, bow to wishes (submit, like picking up with chivalry), bowdown, bowout, curved bow, bow to accept, a bow interlaces together with others. 

Greeting Relatives,
Each day, people come to join our hearts, coming closer to our HOOPS with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, but as they come in, the first event they learn about is the "Sacred Bow".

Bow - something curved in shapeWhen we journey in life, we walk around in circles, even if we don't realize it.  If we were walking around the world in a straight path, we would end up where we started, creating a journey along a Circle. This is a HOOP, a circle, a glory where two rainbows merged together and united in harmony and alignment. Moving around the circle is a bowing. A rainbow knows the bow, to honor each part of the whole and to envision a heart (we are weaved together), instead of only a mind with eyes ("I" not "We"). Each four directions (rainbow colors of all beings seen or unseen) must bow to get to the next direction or path to endevour, thus we are all part of the sacred HOOPs of the universe.  Today, we are all learning to bow; to be part of the Circle. 

When we tie a ribbon on a gift we call this a bow, on the present. This moment is a gift, if you choose it to be. This recognition of your "Relative" on the HOOPS of the Universe, where our family of the true blue live means, our heavenly souls are trying to recognize or vision (eyes of our hearts, the sea, four eyes or directions) into the earthly sight (two eyes) of paradise.

When we reach towards people using telepathy (third eye of holiness, passing over rainbow colors) and don't even know it, but somehow we trust our instinctual soul, that this is the path to flow with, we find love's force. Often because we have trusted this method for a very long time in an evolutionary period (orange rolling hill in time, now shifting towards the yellow rolling hill, the third phase of evolution, where our soul and flesh start to twin or walk and talk together) we tend to trust our rainbow colors. Now it's time to shift and find the road of the heavenly true blue.

We long to be near and be agreeable with each other, but cannot recognize if one is a true blue relative of the soul or one who is awaken to heavenly virtues and to the "law of love" (repeating lessons until love is known) or is one, earthly walking unaware, in despair, looking for others to blame and ignore, because the pain isn't at any shore, no more open doors? And with this said, "Times are changing". WE are evolving into "beings of light" and members of the Rainbow Clan, the Great ONENESS.

When we walk in linear paths (red road, color, fire, flesh) eventually leading to the place we started, this is called the Red Road, the place fire burns bright and where rainbow colors distinguish each child of the universe. Each of us wear four sacred directions in rainbow colors, helping us focus and drive us towards our mission upon this world. Since we are all part of the Rainbow Clan, we think of the Red Road, the fire of rainbow colors.  We have thought of this as God (physical density, appears chaotic). Yet, when we use our mind, our intelligence, our telepathy, we are traveling over the red road of the rainbow colors. Here the fire is gifted to shine it's life. To share, to gift (giving), to flow, to glow, to journey a path along paradise's road, the shelter of the sky, the trees and the forest of each other. The tree of life reaches out to touch eventually falling back towards the circle.

Think of a solar flare, the surge moves the flame outwards, but when it's projection power or fuel is extinguished, the solar flare returns back to where it came. This motion is a hoop or circle. This path moves, yet goes nowhere. The red road allows us to see the world, enjoy paradise and gift to each other, in other words enjoy the moment of the dreaming. Our physical embrace each day we share, tells this great story. Where I start, I shall return, to burn (purify as a sun) to the sacred dust we are from. This beginning of our lives, ends with a returning or bowing. When our children return home, back to where they started (heavenly stars, giving), us elders have joy overflowing (earthly stars receiving). Because together, we are family, in each stage, in each awareness, in each sharing we divulge and brings us one step closer to unity and brotherhood for our world, Earth, the third rock from the Sun.

When we talk in concentric paths (blue road, sound, water, soul) like waves from the center outwards, like a falling rock in an pond there are ripples of rings. These are tones, songs we hear in the winds and the place our hearts travel. Further and back, the echo that lasts. In other words, the return is much faster, what others call "deja vu". You know when something happens and you feel like it's already happened. This is because everything occurs in heaven first (blue rings of sound) and echoes out to earth second (red rings of light/color). Much like a valley or canyon when we yell, the echo or sound waves find the borders or shores of the river (crystalline stone river where all life flows, seen or unseen) and returns back to us. We don't wait long and it appears momentarily. This type of knowledge knows and feels the inside, the soul within that often hides, because we don't want to share our emotions that presides. Things are changing and we find we are learning to read each other's book of life. In other words, all is revealed, nothing is concealed, including our thoughts. Learning to become sacred is part of the evolution's fitness. Welcome to the yellow rolling hill, the awakening of MAN who is learning to be KIND (mankind).

When we use sonar (listening and feeling, receiving) and hear the blessings in the winds, we are able to feel songs of others (prayers) that blow freely, thus we attempt sitting quietly to listen through meditation or reflection. This makes us feel aware (sentient being) of the whole and parts that make us all united. We are the Rainbow Clan connected by Grandmother Dreamspace (fabric of space and time), in what we all know to be God (physical space, appears calming). When we use our hearts, our feelings, our sonar (listening to the wind), we are traveling over the blue road of heavenly blue seas of me and you (sound waves or concentric waves). The emptiness of it all is full (distance and space), but we just have to feel it, rather than doubt it. This is the echo and repeating to hear and listen to others. Learning to protract information to alleviate the lesson at hand helps to find the buried treasure, the golden path where the heart flies free. Here is the place, the waters provide us with longing and comfort as our roots grow and receive nourishment from others who remember to gift to us.

Now, waves, one directional like the red road and one is concentric (all around) like the blue road. When these two waves cross over each other and greet/meet (soul with flesh or water with fire or sound with light), then we start to move along the path of a turbulent sea (grandmother dreamspace, the great tunnel and spiraling). We cannot walk straight, but instead walk in dance, moving to and fro, like over ocean waves. Thus we are learning to ride the waves. And when we ride the waves, we move from our hearts to our minds and back to our hearts, through the sacred bow.

Rainbow Glory or Circle
The word "Namaste" means, "the god in me recognizes the god in you". This is a sign of humility, we hold our eyes down and use our hearts. We act humble around others, because our intent is to serve them. But what happens when the other person doesn't bow? Then we can share with them this article and we can try to explain it as best we can. However if one does not validate or repeat or echo our talking, then one does not start on the blue road of heaven, but is seeking the path of the red road of earth, "I am better than you or I am right and you are wrong, or even shedding blame and shame towards you, rather than looking within. When this happens, we must learn to stand our ground (staying in one place, like a mountain), ride the waves (blue turbulent seas) and validate or repeat the story told, regardless of how it is said. Be bold. Children do this automatically, because they just came from heaven. But as we grow up, we forget to repeat what others say to us, thinking we know all the answers. Children repeat, in order to find the answers. We are all learning to do this. We are oneness, together weaved in a blanket (grandmother dreamspace). We are relatives of four directions. Black man, the Mother Nation. The Red man, the Twin Child Nation. The Yellow man, the Child Nation and the White man the Father Nation. We have been playing out a story and are part of each other. Realize one day, you may or have been in a position another has had now in the Great Circle. Our Rainbow Colors share the Greatest Story in the World, the arc of the covenant, the Rainbow Promise we would one day be reunited with Relatives of the Great Tree of Life.

If one gave (bow of the rainbow) and one received (bow of the rainbow), then a circle (glory) of life is known, and the exchange flows (the river of life). This stream moving from one heart to another is shared love, a blessing and recognition for/to others who share this practice. When we address each other formally all the time (call one by name), making a point to recognize the "God" (utterance of heavenly transmission) inside, we show respect to others, even our enemies. When we sign our names to all communications (name we choose or is gifted), we recognize the "God" outside of me (you, me, all things literally). When we BOW (one) and return back the BOW to each other (two), first with recognition of the "Divineness" of each being (showing respect), and secondly we are grateful for knowing and receiving each gift of the universe, whether we want them or not.  We remember to go to the circle to get advice, for we all carry counsel (spiritual advisers).  We are learning to roll them over, the great lesson, in order for us to find the buried treasure and ride those waves. This is knowledge that gifts to us wisdom and helps serve others, bringing brotherhood into a grasping, a place we can envision, where we are together and the Rainbow Clan will be your TRIBE, the unity of the Oneness of God.

Now, one more note, in a world that is full of spam and hate crimes, we often don't know who or what is coming in, including those emails from friends who are not aware someone has gotten into their email accounts. If we habitually showed honor, through the humble bow (addressing their name and signing our name), we can recognize who our relatives are. Those who do not bow, will surely show you lessons, while those who bow will show you treasures. This is why it's vital to begin to recognize the BOW. It's more than an act of moving downwards towards our feet, but a way to protect ourselves from those who hide their agendas to harm you, even unknowingly. Here is an example left for our Circle. This alone, teaches us how to recognize our spiritual brothers and sisters and eliminate hate crimes, in an environment that needs real healing deep down, where our hearts live.

Brother (address relative by name), I am going to have to ask you to at least write, "Relatives" when you post. Address your "brothers and sisters" of the rainbow clan or call them by Name. It's the bow of the rainbow. Love recognizes the God within each being.  I think it's not failure (but I know it's how people feel with shame and blame), but instead, it's a bowing or being humble to hear the story of others (receiving knowledge, we are forever student and teacher, all of us). We are learning to succeed and walk towards our dreams. Lessons to treasure, when love is sown and at times we even groan/grown. One door closes while another door opens, surprise the fields (place and time we share our sacred spaces) are shown! Your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman (sign your name), elder crystal child, alightfromwithin.org, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

One last thing, "Prayer is a form of telepathy" (passing over rainbow colors/where/place). This is why we can hear it in the winds and feel it in our hearts (sound of angels/how/timing). The Latin Word for Prayer is Precari. Here are the references to Prayer; to precede, go before even surpass and excel to the exceedingly highest mark. Preconception to instruct, advise, warn, and anticipate. The public who heralds and proclaims (righteousness) and to anticipate beforehand, chiefly to be distinguished, special, extraordinary and most excellent.  The famous (true blue royal warrior, one for all and all for one) beautiful and striking. Prayer entreats and invokes a request to manifest devotion to parts of the whole of One(ness). We call this God (utterance) or the spirit in all things.  This is now becoming a fast new language, the Heavenly Song. Each Sacred Song Blessing you hear from our Hoops and from many of our Warriors who trust their hearts, can speak to you directly to your soul, through song. Prayer and Bowing go hand in hand, because the Song travels over the Rainbow Colors. Yet we are learning about it and trying to understand it all. We are changing beings of light and love is becoming predominant in our hearts. Our souls are awakening all over the Earth. We are no longer religious groups, but one family of Mankind, the Rainbow Clan. We are understanding the importance of prayer, telepathy and the sacred bow, to travel the true journey, where our souls lead us, towards the center of the universe. This spiraling pattern knows, this is where my soul goes, one stepping stone at a time or one lesson at a time, for true love will carry me through. Compassion will lead me to the other side, where the shores of Brotherhood will be known and grown. We will cherish our family around the world. Thank you  http://www.iamasundance.info/prayer

Sow we want to go in four directions like rainbow colors and around in circles like the spiraling journey of our soul. And when we reach this place, a "to and fro" begins to be known (riding those waves), from our hearts to our thoughts, back to our hearts. We share this journey, the path where the red road of your flesh (rainbow colors) and the path of the blue road of your soul (songs of angels) cross. Here is the yellow road, where dreams appear to shine through. Each of us have a dream and according to our soul's desire, our dreams are played out with our flesh, through our rainbow colors and passing over to the shores and heart of our relatives. To understand and achieve unity in others, we must first long to feel unity within ourselves by practicing the BOW (returning to the sacred circle). 

In the article below, telepathy (passing over rainbow colors) and it's concerns are brought to us by our Relative Eirini Haritou. However, even with knowing the dangers and risks, like voicing an opinion (warriors validate whether we agree or not, we listen), we are learning to determine how the fate of our knowing affects the world around us. To recognize brothers and sisters who are true blue, meaning those who understand the bow and to show respect to one another, by addressing one by their name and showing respect to yourself by signing your name, you are one step closer to the hearts of your Relatives around the World. 

your devoted servant, 
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child (crystal, yellow, green, gray), 

iyeshka (interpreter) and akicita (law bringer)
alightfromwithin.org, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy www.iamasundance.info

ps. Don't forget to ask for your four directions in rainbow colors! This will gift you the clues to who you are and why you are different than others, because each child of the universe is unique, just like the snowflake (crystalline stone), each perfect and beautiful, just like you. Learning about your Greatness is a "walking towards with your heart!"

How telepathy and truth are linked by  

Eirini Haritou

You have experienced telepathy many times in your life. We all have. Because it is a natural ability you were born with.It is this spontaneous mind-to-mind communication between you and some individuals (or pets) you are spiritually/emotionally close to.You are doing it all the time.You almost can't help it. Yet there is a barrier that prevents you from either receiving other people's messages or blocks your own messages from being received:deception and lies. Here is why.

The definition of telepathy is the direct transference of feelings and thoughts from one person to another by only the use of mind.The word comes from the ancient greek word telepatheia,tele=far away and pathos=perception or feeling,being affected by. It has been hailed as both a supernatural ability (it clearly isn't since everyone possesses it) or avoided as an evil tool used by exeptionally talent individuals for mind manipulation. 

One can clearly see why telepathy is deemed evil.After all it is a sort of hacking mechanism past the security system of a person's mind that protects their privacy, in order for the hacker to receive information, thoughts, memories, feelings or such relevant 'data' that their rightful owner may or may not wish to share with others. Such power over another individual, even if it is mutually agreed upon, has the potential of being very seductive and/or abusive. As in all things, it is not the ability itself that is inherently evil or even sinful for some people,but its potential abuse. Power in all its various forms can become highly addictive and intoxicating when used for pressure and personal gain.

No wonder it is a skill that either works erratically or only with certain people.Why? Because we tend to mistrust other people's motives, so every effort on their part to invade the privacy of our mind is meant to meet with tremendous resistance from our subconscious mind. In other words,we have all put up subconscious shields that bar the way to our mental software. It is no coincidence that we tend to share telepathic moments with those that we love and share some kind of mental or spiritual connection.When two people are spiritually close they trust each other enough to mutually lower or put down their mental shields.When this happens,sharing of thoughts and feelings flows naturally and effortlessly, as it was always meant to be, without the interference of words.

Why do we trust those people enough to appear before them mentally naked, so to speak, and give them access to our brains? Trust is always based on truth and authenticity. The more truthful I am with you, the more I share myself with you openly and innocently, the more you trust me back and start opening up to me (provided of course you are not so emotionally disabled or abused that you have too many issues with trusting, a person who needs forgiving). This is the one and only reason too many people have blocked out or stopped using this natural, God-given gift. And what a gift it is!

More often than not, words are misleading or simply lacking the ability to convey our true intention. Words mean too many things for too many people. We have all felt misunderstood and frustrated because words are simply inadequate tools to convey feelings. They are only good  for us to exchange certain  information. 

To me the Bible's account of the tower of Babel and the introduction of all the different languages clearly means this: people used to communicate through telepathy or ενδιαθετος λογος(=inwardly put word) that was given to them as a natural ability by God. But then, because deception and hypocricy and lies came into play, people lost this natural ability and had to resort to the use of an inferior substitute: all different kinds of languages that separate us more than help us understand each other. 

Thank you http://askyourdreamsforideas.blogspot.com/2011/05/how-telepathy-and-truth-are-linked.html

Relatives, everything has changed. Learning to knock on the door of our brethren's heart means we receive and validate, by riding those waves. Evolution has shown her display, our souls are home to praise/play. White Buffalo Calf Woman sings for the world all waves!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

A light from within, is the sacred dance of the eternal wind. It brings judgment, to the valleys, where the shadows learn to sing. Human blessings, will ensure that we take care of everything under the sun. And those who follow the heavenly kingdom, we shall walk into fertile grounds. Over rolling hills we do flow, where the sunshine will be within our hearts, and even if weare blind,we will follow with faith and wisdom, the soul that knows and I will oblige, to be the heart that survives. Inside of my heart lives a fellow, that is greatness, beyond compare. And we are going to be the person, that light that beckons forth. And in this world, where heaven follies, we are going to be know as law. heaven's greatness, knows the shadows, where all is blessed instead of cursed. And if we look into vision, where our eyes follow our hearts. We look at ourselves, full of wisdom in the reflection of the waters blue. And there we shall find a true heart of laughter as we realize how childish we are. And it's a child that's full of wonder. I forgive and learn, to bow down. I say, I am greatness, I am walking over bright lights and I shine like a sun. Even in the sacred valleys, where darkness finds my eyes. I will blind, like a beam, that cast out ingnorance each day. I will share my light with the shadows and welcome them home to run along with me. We shall know that heaven is welcome. And we shall bind all to come as one. We are a light from within us, the place heaven begins within. The soul in the wind. And I shall shine from inside, to beam lights out towards the world. I will be the torrent breezes, that say, I am the sun dance today.

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