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An Ode to Joy

The Sun at Solstice

The Sun has reached its northernmost point in planet Earth's sky marking a season change and the first solstice of the year 2004. We celebrate the arrival of summer with this false-color composite of three images from the space-based Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), a mission of international cooperation between NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA).

All three images are made in extreme ultraviolet light, but each individual image highlights a different temperature range in the upper solar atmosphere: Red at 2 million, green at 1.5 million, and blue at 1 million degrees Celsius (3.6 million, 2.7 million, and 1.8 million degrees Fahrenheit). The combined image shows bright active regions strewn across the solar disk, which would otherwise appear as dark groups of sunspots in visible light images.

SOHO's spectacular images are also featured in the cover article from this month's National Geographic magazine. Image From Astronomy Picture of the Day, Credit: NASA/ESA

This image is used for Alightfromwithin.org, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star your Father Red Hand and White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Deer, starting walking and talking (wakan tanka, the great spirit) 2004 , just about the time this image was created. How about that, 7 years ago and we find it today, April 29, 2011 (our Rainbow anniversary). Today, we have been married 12 years, the rainbow clan does shine, to bring our hearts home! Acting with a Mission to bring the six colors (blue, brown, red, yellow, golden, white) of the peoples and all the world, united as Family. As Missionaries living on the streets of the Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area), our hearts, along with many returning Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy around the world provide Angel Services. Family and relatives, we are going home!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Request for Hoop 4 E-mail Change and Gmail Recommendation for HOOPs

Aho Rainbow Mother Megan,
My beloved, your yahoo address will fail you. Meaning, they will not offer you enough space, nor will they serve your needs.  At the bottom of all emails, I tell people I would rather not send to yahoo or hotmail, simply because your box will overload. We send lots of articles and songs, which can be presented to a folder at gmail (there are settings set up). However I know many listen and read daily prayers and songs. It helps our hearts soar.

Now all data about you is still in the group, either by a blog or communication between you and me.  Hopefully you have saved this information.  Hoop 2 members access a site that offers all data retrieval. You are not in hoop 3 yet.

Got any time, you could help the kids. We are starting official with hours a new school, on hoop 5.  We will gather by telephone, computer and ..... M-Thurday 10am-3pm six hours school on the RainbowClan, hoop 5. This hoops is protected with all emails hidden. It's public for others to view, but not to access.  It's a private group, the world can view. This will guide other schools of the future.  Anytime you are free, that's when you could join us. But first got to get you to Hoop 3.

Another thing, what could you offer to the whole? I know you are Rainbow Mother, but what is it you want to provide.  We know you must give us law of love, since you wear the red robe.  And that you teach us play and the vital roll over.  I'm trying to get you to start walking, on hoop 3. Take your place.
  • Hoop 4 talking blue road. 
  • Hoop 3 walking red road. 
  • Hoop 2 talking walking  yellow road or wakan tanka, the Great Spirit Within Shines!
Any ideas about how you can walk, please share these with me.  I feel you have lots to offer the Rainbow Clan. Real school is life, not academics.  Your field work teaches you this. Hoop 5, our sanctuary space or with Grandmothers of the Green Grass (new dreams), we have our head master, a 9 year old boy, a rainbow (mother) dragon warrior, "Wisdom River Shines".

All children will have their great names gifted, because only warriors on hoop 2 which I am including spouses and their kids are allowed into hoop 5, sanctuary space. I would like so very much to see you in Hoop 5, sanctuary space, the Dawning of Heaven on Earth (yellow rolling hill in time, the third phase of evolution), for the law is love, we bow to each other, like children who harmonize.

Hoop 4 starts to teach us start to use our hearts and share stories.  Please share more with us, even if it's a prayer.  A few words from our Rainbow Mothers make us all feel better.  I hope you have started to do your fire blessings (cleansing dark heavenly space).  And I sent out a sacred song blessings, a few days ago.  Did you get it?  Are you reading your emails?

This is why we are on google, instead of yahoo. Yahoo continues to steal from people and deliver them with less and less space.  Please get a free gmail.com account. Then I will transfer your email to the new address.  You can access all the services, we use "in the Clouds" (free virtual desktop space at google), documents, blogs, domains (hoop 3 can write directly on our domains) and so much more the HOOPs use together.  We are linked together, like the universe.

You have not received your great name yet. I wish I could offer you this now, but I must wait for you to enter hoop 3, walking and finish a 21 day fire blessings journal with us. These show honor unto themselves and begin the path to their own salvation and clinging to all who will bow to true love, the cleansing of the soul.  Our heaven has returned and we are looking to learn. Awakening is part of evolution, my rainbow child.

We are here to awaken together, unity demands.  Collision is everywhere and we got 2 years to clean ourselves up. We got to save as many children as we can.  There is no time left to dilly dally around. We must aim for the heart of the children, to get them to bow to love, both physically (red road) and soulfully (blue road), to become spiritual beings again (yellow road).  And that's where we are headed towards, down into the valley where the green grass grows, my heart will sow.

Alright my love, below is the print after each email in hoop 4, blue road, receiving the heavenly soul, sharing all within that's told.

Relatives, Email "Hoop 4" rainbow-warriors-of-prophecy@googlegroups.com (yahoo and hotmail virtual space limitation, recommend free gmail.com). To change flow/unsubscribe email Alightfromwithin@gmail.com. For more options http://groups.google.com/group/rainbow-warriors-of-prophecy and http://www.iamasundance.info.

Please get a "free gmail.com or google.com click new email", to account forwards to. I will transfer then.  This way you can keep track of your emails from the hoops.  File system and great spam controls and fail safes other places don't have. I am sorry for the inconvenience. If you need any help, let me know.  Oh by the way, forwarding email is easy too, but it's not so easy at yahoo.  Yahoo is an impure place. I am sorry.

Thank you for your heart and clinging to us. We need you too. Aho and blessings over the rainbow.

your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child, wakan iyes(h)ka, walking song or holy interpreter
alightfromwithin.org Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Aho (may your spirit fly, meaning truly heaven on the red road, the law of love soars)

On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 8:09 AM, Rainbow Mother Megan wrote:

Dear White Buffalo Calf Woman,

Greetings and thank you.

I am wondering if you could change my e-mail on hoop 4 to my other address zzzzzzzz@yahoo.com please.  Since I am done at BU I will no longer be using this address.


Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

A light from within, is the sacred dance of the eternal wind. It brings judgment, to the valleys, where the shadows learn to sing. Human blessings, will ensure that we take care of everything under the sun. And those who follow the heavenly kingdom, we shall walk into fertile grounds. Over rolling hills we do flow, where the sunshine will be within our hearts, and even if weare blind,we will follow with faith and wisdom, the soul that knows and I will oblige, to be the heart that survives. Inside of my heart lives a fellow, that is greatness, beyond compare. And we are going to be the person, that light that beckons forth. And in this world, where heaven follies, we are going to be know as law. heaven's greatness, knows the shadows, where all is blessed instead of cursed. And if we look into vision, where our eyes follow our hearts. We look at ourselves, full of wisdom in the reflection of the waters blue. And there we shall find a true heart of laughter as we realize how childish we are. And it's a child that's full of wonder. I forgive and learn, to bow down. I say, I am greatness, I am walking over bright lights and I shine like a sun. Even in the sacred valleys, where darkness finds my eyes. I will blind, like a beam, that cast out ingnorance each day. I will share my light with the shadows and welcome them home to run along with me. We shall know that heaven is welcome. And we shall bind all to come as one. We are a light from within us, the place heaven begins within. The soul in the wind. And I shall shine from inside, to beam lights out towards the world. I will be the torrent breezes, that say, I am the sun dance today.

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