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An Ode to Joy

The Sun at Solstice

The Sun has reached its northernmost point in planet Earth's sky marking a season change and the first solstice of the year 2004. We celebrate the arrival of summer with this false-color composite of three images from the space-based Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), a mission of international cooperation between NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA).

All three images are made in extreme ultraviolet light, but each individual image highlights a different temperature range in the upper solar atmosphere: Red at 2 million, green at 1.5 million, and blue at 1 million degrees Celsius (3.6 million, 2.7 million, and 1.8 million degrees Fahrenheit). The combined image shows bright active regions strewn across the solar disk, which would otherwise appear as dark groups of sunspots in visible light images.

SOHO's spectacular images are also featured in the cover article from this month's National Geographic magazine. Image From Astronomy Picture of the Day, Credit: NASA/ESA

This image is used for Alightfromwithin.org, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star your Father Red Hand and White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Deer, starting walking and talking (wakan tanka, the great spirit) 2004 , just about the time this image was created. How about that, 7 years ago and we find it today, April 29, 2011 (our Rainbow anniversary). Today, we have been married 12 years, the rainbow clan does shine, to bring our hearts home! Acting with a Mission to bring the six colors (blue, brown, red, yellow, golden, white) of the peoples and all the world, united as Family. As Missionaries living on the streets of the Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area), our hearts, along with many returning Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy around the world provide Angel Services. Family and relatives, we are going home!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Relatives On The Hoops: Evolution, Rainbow Clan, Grandmothers of the Green Grass and Sacred Song Blessings

Relatives on the Hoops,   

Good morning to everyone, where the Sun does rise again, for another day! 

Evolution is our theme as always and how the folding space around us, continually collides. This is our heaven (blue road) and earth (red road) folding into one space, heaven upon earth.  We learn about our souls (heavenly), that emerge and come to play within this chaos (earthly). But how we live in this world, and follow the laws of heaven (blue road) that come down to earth (red road), are not easy.  This is what you will learn here and how evolution affects your life.  You are a seeker, who journeys to understand, the greatness inside of you and to learn about your four sacred directions in rainbow colors.  Each of us are unique as a snowflake, and we are here know your mission in life (heavenly name) and tools of light (earthly name), to accomplish your task in this world, singularly and all your own. This is your Greatness (seeker of knowledge), to understand the four roads (read about roads blue, red, yellow and white http://whitebuffalocalfwoman.net) and how to stand up and reverberate your voice, into the winds, whether it be aloud or silently. And to use your soul and learn how to become this Greatness (a light from within you).  We are becoming powerful beings and we must help each other, learn the way home into the heart of each other as a family (Rainbow Clan).  Happiness again!

Many seasons ago, Eagle Lightning Arrow (aqua person, leaders of sky), came up with the hoops, for people to join in many stages of their lives. As we (Elders) had hoped, this did succeed, into what we have today. Four Hoops (4,3,2,1) and the whole is Hoop 5 (a central embrace for all hoops), or "Sanctuary Space". When you enter the hoops, you begin your process, from hoop 4 four listening, hoop 3 three networking, hoop 2 two warrior training, hoop 1 one "Elders" and then finally Hoop 5 five, safety for your community or "Sanctuary Space". 

There is a exception to this, and it's called travelers (rainbow clan, all of us) and Grandmothers (gray people, stories of the souls, who bring the Grandmothers of the Green Grass, the embrace of the rainbow clan that has come alive), who bring the good news (indigo people, great teachers).  People may enter Hoop 5, but if they fail to comply to the laws of love, they are moved to the lower hoop 4 or they may walk away. No hate. Only allowing, by validation. Each shall validate each other (reverberation of heaven). This is common respect.  Show respect because you hold all sacred in your hearts. Each shall bless each other and your space, to protect each other. All follows the law of love, the Red Road, that purifies all life (love).  Now, some of you are from time to time moved around the hoops to adjust your flowing and progressing, towards the heart of the community, sanctuary space (hoop 5). Some of us are in all the hoops, a few of the hoops or just on one hoop, just remember, we are moving and changing. Let an Elder know what you want. 

This whole process is what we shall learn to do in communities.  We are able to walk home or into each other's hearts, because we care enough, to get involved in other peoples lives.  This is brotherhood and the great give-a-way, that offers the abundance of paved golden roads.  To walk this way, the spiritual path, is to be in the middle of the light spectrum or yellow.  Here our dreams are flying (wind).  Because inside our hearts, will shine the path of unification, a light from within begins to glow, as we all learn to become the sacred "Sun Dance".  As we enter the third yellow rolling hill in time, our personal evolution awakens to the changes that occur all over the world, inside and out. And here we add two more directions to the seven we know (n, s, e, w, up and down or wind and here or sacred all around), inside the heartbeat and outside the breath.  We travel over rainbow colors, many call the rainbow bridge, but in reality it's the Cosmic Rainbow Mother, who arches upwards, to hold us up in the sky, and reverberates our lights of many colors.  This embrace allows us to stream in Grandmother Space, where all dreams come true.  But we all have our parts to play in the Oneness of God, and that's what we are hear to  learn, to bow like the rainbow. The more you share your stories, visions, rainbow colors and blessings, we find that there is hope for tomorrow and a sign of brotherhood, in the air. Where the sisterhood, brings the law of love, that stands up for what is right.  To stand up, for love, we learn traits of as a Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy, to bring back to the communities, to prepare them for a new way of life.  To help others survive the cleansing of heaven, we prepare our souls, bless our relatives, prepare their souls and keep watchful vigilance, for a world we love so deer (journey of life).

Hoop 5 will be referred to as "Grandmothers of the Green Grass" (http://groups.google.com/group/RainbowClan). Here you enter a village, but if you don't follow the law of love, the RED ROAD, then you must be moved to hoop 4, to start the process over and over until you can learn to walk with love on your heart at all times and one who has learned to forgive of all things. We learn (tools of light) our Greatness by becoming a Rainbow Warrior, one who stands their ground, on the law of love.  But this is the journey we are seeking, the unity of our heaven and earth along the path of dreams. And we must all start somewhere.  And, I recommend most who enter, to begin in hoop 4 (http://groups.google.com/group/rainbow-warriors-of-prophecy or http://groups.google.com/group/indigocrystalchildren), to just listen for awhile. There is much to learn, on how to be a Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy and how evolution affects us all.  It will be "Grandmothers (gray people and physical grandmothers) of the Green Grass" who can share the great stories, to encourage us towards the embrace and simply love us regardless of who we are.

Each of us play a great part in creating safe places for our community. Each of us are guided by our Rainbow Colors, sharing our Greatness, with each other.  To understand, that heaven (many splendid colors) is already here, we must go no further than the stars that shine in heaven.  These are the stories we do share as we start to realize, that we are eternal souls, traveling along a course towards the center of your being.  You know, Grandfather Holy Spirit (whitey or star person) is often referred to as the "Perfect Storm" and Song of Heaven (green person) often refers to her point of view, the "Eye of the Storm".  We all carry perspective from the viewing of the same Oneness or the whole of the Rainbow Clan (God or G_ah_d, the utterance of heavenly transmission, our voices).  We learn from each other, when we listen and allow others to share their hearts, even in anger.  

A Rainbow Warrior learns that anger is pain upon someone's heart, which can motivate change in this world.  Let us guide ourselves towards the keeping of the Rainbow Clan, each other.  Forming tribes around the world, that follow the law of love, in not an easy path, but the only path, to survival and learning to walk and talk sacred to each other.  Dedicate your lives to fire blessings, water blessings daily and simple blessings hourly to stay safe. Teach all your relatives the same.  And when we start to become sacred beings, we start to sing. Sing for God. Sing for heaven. Sing for paradise upon earth. This is where we want the world, to understand, but now we demand, the validation.  This is the law of love.  We will listen. We will reverberate, with your emotion, to understand your pain.  And then I will give you my heart and help you heal again. I will not relent, until you know happiness inside your heart. Then I know, I always walk towards your heart. I will not walk away from you. I am here to teach you the Great Give-A-Way and I start with my Heart. I bless the sacred nine directions in you.  And now, I hope you bless the sacred nine directions in me too. We shall travel the blue, to and fro, the motion of heaven's rainbow!

Your devoted servants,
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal person
Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand, elder lavender person

A Sacred Song Blessings for the Hoops today!

Take this heart (soul, the darkness within, comes out instead of hides) and shove it right down memory lane (start to feel again, descend down the crystalline stone river, where we all follow this ride, the blue road of heaven). Feel the world around, stop and take the blame (be responsible for your own space).  Heaven is upon us, but now we enter in, the world of understanding, of how and when to win(d). Feel my heart it beckons, two the to and fro, realign the heart fields, instead of open mines (blown up minds). Feel the world around you, stop and start to shine (I am a Sun Dance). Tell them I'm a heart field, where all is a memory that collides.  

We are upon a shoulder, where it stands broad and wide (base and root of a tree). We are a journey forwards, to where we cross the hides (buffalo home, rainbow colors, we ride). I say, my brother sister, how did you cross the river gorge? I want to know this journey, to cross over and purge?  Give me a way home?  Tell me how to get to that throne? How do I join the royal clan of the Blue Rainbow?  I want to share a story, to tell you the bold truth. I want to know the glory, of your heart inside of this muse. Give me a cloth a ribbon or two. And I will show you a story (loom and weaver), that comes out of the blue (relatives true).  See the many colors, the threads upon this sea.  There are abundant rivers, where we do flow to bee (dream impossible dreams).  And I am going to vibrate and heal all divinity. I will bless the sacred colors, that hold me close to thee.

Now, I'm liberty. I'm down the heart and free. I shoved my seed, upon this world, began a tree for thee, my children, will rescue me (eternal life). Feel the heart of love upon you.  Feel the hands of God.  Feel it in each other, because we are gifts from above.  Each of us are treasures flowing down the seas, when we recognize treasures, inside of you and me. I am devoted to you, this sacred day in the true, the flowing river gorge knows, my faith "I believe in you".  This is all I must do, is shove your heart out that door, into the sacred flowing, of all we do adore. And when you do remember, realize, the greatness within you.  Then you will begin to validate, without any more hate  of the muse. Forgiveness will be upon you. Forgiveness will be a tree. A perfect book (tree of life, you) of salvation, where all is a river gorge (soul hidden within the darkness, alight from within).  I will hold your hands, to help you understand.  Because today,my heart will play, down memory land.  And I thank you for shoving your heart, down the river gorge that seems to set us apart, but it's a kingdom out there.  It's a place we dare.  We are going home this day, to learn, how to be sacred and pray and bring them home all the right way. 

Take this heart (soul, the darkness within, comes out instead of hides) and shove it right down memory lane (start to feel again, descend down the crystalline stone river, where we all follow this ride, the blue road of heaven). Feel the world around, stop and take the blame (be responsible for your own space).  Heaven is upon us, but now we enter in, the world of understanding, of how and when to win(d). Feel my heart it beckons, two the to and fro, realign the heart fields, instead of open mines (blown up minds). Feel the world around you, stop and start to shine (I am a Sun Dance). Tell them I'm a heart field, where all is a memory that collides. Let us share our times!

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman and Sacred Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle.

Presented by Alightfromwithin.org, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, who provide Angel Services around the World. This letter today is written for the Rainbow Clan, by Relatives of the Rainbow Clan http://alightfromwithin.blogspot.com, Rainbow Clan http://rainbowclan.blogspot.com (hoop 5, the village of sanctuary space) and Grandmothers of the Green Grass http://grandmothersofthegreengrass.blogspot.com.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy


A light from within, is the sacred dance of the eternal wind. It brings judgment, to the valleys, where the shadows learn to sing. Human blessings, will ensure that we take care of everything under the sun. And those who follow the heavenly kingdom, we shall walk into fertile grounds. Over rolling hills we do flow, where the sunshine will be within our hearts, and even if we are blind,we will follow with faith and wisdom, the soul that knows and I will oblige, to be the heart that survives. Inside of my heart lives a fellow, that is greatness, beyond compare. And we are going to be the person, that light that beckons forth. And in this world, where heaven follies, we are going to be know as law. heaven's greatness, knows the shadows, where all is blessed instead of cursed. And if we look into vision, where our eyes follow our hearts. We look at ourselves, full of wisdom in the reflection of the waters blue. And there we shall find a true heart of laughter as we realize how childish we are. And it's a child that's full of wonder. I forgive and learn, to bow down. I say, I am greatness, I am walking over bright lights and I shine like a sun. Even in the sacred valleys, where darkness finds my eyes. I will blind, like a beam, that cast out ingnorance each day. I will share my light with the shadows and welcome them home to run along with me. We shall know that heaven is welcome. And we shall bind all to come as one. We are a light from within us, the place heaven begins within. The soul in the wind. And I shall shine from inside, to beam lights out towards the world. I will be the torrent breezes, that say, I am the sun dance today.


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